Monday, May 01, 2006

Movies and a Will and Grace tangent

I moved this weekend. I also threw out about a dumpster worth of CDs (converted to a CD envelope), magazines I'll never read again (see the Spin magazine with the Vines on the cover) and a few pieces of furniture. The place is slowly becoming more weimaraner friendly.

After moving, I realized that this week is going to be hellishly busy. I'm also getting a dog, so my time will be even more limited. So, if there was any time I could watch United 93, it had to be Sunday afternoon. First off, see the movie. As much as it sickens me that FOX News and Rush Limbaugh are exploiting the movie and calling it "their own" (e.g. liberals don't need to watch the movie since they question the president's actions). I chose to see it alone, since I was close to a theater and it was a snap decision. While in line, I saw my ex-boyfriend with someone else in line. About ten people were ahead of me and my clothes were littered with cardboard dust and scum from moving. Fortunatley, he didn't see me.

I'm self-conscious. No one wants to run into their ex in a movie theater when that ex has a date (or even friends) and you're flying solo. I did a little assessment while I was waiting in line. The first petty thought was that they were probably going to see American Dreamz or Silent Hill. "I'm" seeing the important movie...

His boyfriend had an eyebrow piercing. A strike against him. I thought briefly that my ex would be missing a really intense conversation with me at a coffee shop after the United 93 movie about how the only way to make a movie like this was to remove sentimentality. While this guy will probably just take him to a mall, split an Oreo Blizzard and browse the shops for stuff they don't need.

Still - you need that every now and then.

I needed to see something that I was told by most critics on was a great film. And it was. The theater was silent when the lights came up. It's a cathartic movie. Definitely check it out.

Will and Grace tangent...

Will and Grace is going off the air. The same fate as Queer as Folk. Both shows have been criticized from within the gay community. Personally, both of these shows are like gay bars. They are criticized incessantly (heyah, I've done my share of criticizing), but they are like that friend or family member that usually doesn't come to your aid, but you wind up going to their shows, their poetry readings or their basketball games to cheer them on. As much as we criticize shows that play up the gay stereotype too much, when they're gone - they will be missed.


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