Thursday, March 16, 2006

For the sake of momentum

Before I get into this, just wanted to extend a major endorsement for Neko Case's new album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. I initially thought it was nowhere near the quality of Blacklisted. But it's more varied, and while Blacklisted will always be a favorite, this new one is growing on me in a big way.

So, I was listening to the fat man today for a hate fix (the same reason I watch about ten minutes of Saved by the Bell before work every morning). He went off on this odd rant that *gulped* actually made a glimmer of sense: Manly men take risks. Well, he's full of shit. I know a ton of women who take huge risks every day - be it standing up against religious extremism in countries or leaving their abusive husbands or simply dumping a high-paying job to move to an area they love and working at a Target until a job that fits their talents comes to fruitation. But I have to admit, it got me thinking of my situation.

How my indecisiveness to even choose a gender to be attracted to may also be affecting other parts of my life, like trying to get out of Omaha. I just looked at a cost of living/housing analysis and Albuquerque came near the top. I've always wanted to check out that city. And if Tucson doesn't pan out, I'm giving Albuquerque a serious thought.

But the moment I am about to leave the company I am at now, I get a huge assignment that is rewarding, exciting - a good shot of adrenaline. Dammit, make up your mind.

True to my credit, I am doing something about it. I just got a call from Tucson. They are looking for an editor.

That is good.

But they are relocating to Phoenix.

That is bad.


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