Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well, it's down to two...

I came home tonight after working a ten-hour shift at my new job. My head's full of Sudafed/Wal-itin and god knows what else (some other generic form of Benadryl). I realized I can't stand living here - if not just for the allergies. So, I busted out a few applications for the University of Arizona as my iPod was downloading Iron Maiden's Live After Death, The Chemical Brothers' Push the Button, Wire's Pink Flag and Verve (the compilation that pits the DJs of today with legends of the past - such as Sarah Vaughan).

So - it's up to either Tucson or central Oregon to get me out of here in a month. I'm not telling any of my friends because I'm tired of making false threats. I'm one of many in my circle who constantly laments about the lack of opportunities there is in this city, but unless there is some major action in the form of a move, bitching about it is as futile as a request for Yo La Tengo on a Saturday night at the Max (a gay midwestern bar with loud, pulsating music).

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