Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reduce, reduce, reduce

I had a decent talk with a friend of mine about the moving situation. I figured it would take me approximately two grand to move. This includes a U-haul and a tow for my car. My friend took a no-s**t approach to the matter: how much is your stuff worth?

furniture? TV - bed, dresser. Probably not two grand. Maybe - but with depreciation value - nah, it's below. So... the answer is simple. Ditch everything. Have enough stuff to put in your car, strap your bike rack and go.

Still, that leaves one car load. And when you are single and you're in a situation where you want to move to another city, isn't everything about one car load? Think of it - you have to move - and instead of hauling a bunch of s**t around, you have one car load to haul your most meaningful possessions. The trunk - clothes most likely. CDs - the passenger side of your car. One box for books. One box for cooking stuff. And one box for 'files' (e.g. resume, clips, letters of recommendation, work samples, medical, insurance and school records). You have one car load, readers. What would you take?

Preemptive strike
The Comedy Central show 'Drawn Together' - that shit has got to go...


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