Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well, New Year's is not getting off to the start I want. True, I hate it when people talk about wanting to cut carbs out of their diet, but they consider a piece of whole grain bread as bad as a Krispe Kreme doughnut. But I admit that I've fallen off the bandwagon and have engaged in a share of carb loading over the weekend. A beer here. A pancake at the Radial Cafe there. A slice of pizza and cheese bread at Zio's there. And all of a sudden, I feel lethargic, frustrated and altogether depressed as I was denied another job (even though I'm thankfully employed full-time right now).

Aimee Mann is in heavy circulation right now...
Tell me why I feel so bad, honey
TV's flat and nothing is funny
I get sad and stuck in a cone of silence
Like a big balloon with nothing for ballast
Labeled like a bottle for Alice
Drink me down or I'll drown in a sea of giants

Like a building that's been slated for blasting
I'm the proof that nothing is lasting
Counting to eleven as it collapses - Video

I am currently looking at Albuquerque, NM and Tucson, AZ. I got a call from Albuquerque today and I felt a pull in my stomach. I've wanted to move out of Omaha so bad, but when the prospect of Albuquerque came, I automatically dismissed it and pined for the place I have yet to get a job offer: Tucson. I know I'm being foolish - geography can't make you happy. But still, I'm getting restless.

In these demon days
It's so cold inside
So hard for a good soul to survive
You can't even trust the air you breathe
'cause mother Earth wants us all to leave
When lies become reality
You numb yourself with drugs and T.V>
Lift yourself up it's a brand new day
So turn yourself 'round
Don't burn yourself, turn yourself
Turn yourself around
Into the sun

To the sun, to the sun
To the sun, to the sun - Gorillaz - Demon Days

Preemptive strike
Straight guys who refuse to see Brokeback Mountain on the SOLE reason is that they're afraid they'll look 'gay.'
No, not going to a movie because you're that insecure about your sexuality is gay.


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