Friday, January 13, 2006

Bric by bric

Since I'm on a Bloc Party kick, I thought I would honor the band by not including a 'k' within the words of my subject line.

Tucson update -
I'm getting exhausted by the searches on Career Builder, Monster and HotJobs. I know the people who are on these sites tend to carpetbomb companies with resumes and cover letters for any jobs that are posted, regardless of their qualifications. A mentor who works for MISYS said I should get a list of the top companies in the city I want to live in - and try to find an 'in' by posting my resume directly on their Web site or checking back routinely for openings. So last night, I posted my resume and cover letter on AO-Hell's job site.

So far, I'm registered on AOL, University Medical Center, MISYS and in general at BestJobs in

Weekend will probably be spent sharpening my Web developing skills. One guy in Omaha said I had what it took to work at his company, but I was slightly lacking in Web publishing. Still, I definitely want to fit a bike ride in, load some more tunes on my IPod and catch the '24' premiere on Sunday.

That's the problem with fixed time. As a job seeker, you want to use those fleeting two hours a night to sharpen your skills by either learning new skills or finding new words for 'spearheaded' in your resume. The writer in you wants to use that time to either get inspired by reading or looking for freelance gigs. The human being inside wants to use that time to veg after working out and read Harry Potter or play Burnout 3 on the XBox.

Priorities - I guess...

Preemptive strike
Companies that post job openings on the board that are already filled because someone internally will get this position, but the companies are required to post the job. I think I've spent enough to afford an XBox 360 on these jobs, from the time I spent at Kinkos printing out clips, resume paper and computer time - not to mention the cash I spent to clean my suit and take off work. It's like going out on a great date with someone who is in a relationship or married, only you don't know that person is committed.


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