Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gotta keep movin' - movin' on - before it gets too much

I'm on my first vodka tonic after two beers. I feverishly tried to write this cover letter to this company in Tucson before the buzz took affect and sent my semi-intelligent over letter spiraling into a depressed, drunken, unfocused plea of "hire me! please, Jesus, just hire me!" Hope it went well.

I looked at homes in Omaha and quickly became depressed. Sure I can move into a home relatively easily with zero down payments for $555 a month. Then - I gotta save about two hundred a month for property taxes. Then additional utilities. Then - shit, I don't even want to know the costs of maintaining a home, yet alone a dog for companionship. So, it looks like escape is the way to go.

I've been listening to a lot of Luna lately. I love the sound - intense, moody, laid back and excessive. A few phrases keep lingering due to my situation...
"Gotta keep movin' - movin' on - before it gets too much."
"Say a prayer for you and me / say a prayer ... tell me do you miss me"
"It's true, you're lazy / you're tired and crazy / and you know there's something more / but you can't give it a name..."

Time is really starting to run out. I'm starting to feel boxed in with this city. As much as I like the new job and as much as I like the thought of traveling - it didn't change the fact that the moment I got back from traveling - when I sat in that cubicle, I felt like my shoulders were slumping forward, collapsing my body into a cocoon. A breakthrough has to happen...soon.


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