Monday, March 20, 2006

Confidence boost

Two weeks before my roommate leaves, I get a call from a position that I applied for in Albuquerque. One of the recruiters is in Omaha tomorrow. The only thing is that we are looking at approximately 15 inches of snow. Would look sorta awkward going into my company with a scaled down suit when I came in today with jeans since I knew it was going to be sloppy.

I'm nervous because this may be my final shot in getting out of here. But I'm pumped because talk about a coincidence - a recruiter for the southwest in Omaha - during a snowstorm.


But tomorrow, it looks like we're going to be snowed in. I burned a day's work onto CD so I could work from home (or at least at the coffee shop right next to my apartment).
But if there's no work, that means I can indulge in what will basically be my ideal snowday - which means...

- Not setting my alarm, but still getting up early.
- Making an omlette, brewing a pot of Tucson, Arizona-based Raging Sage Coffee and listening to NPR (specifically This American Life) while working.
- Doing laundry at 2 p.m. while listening to a few CDs - thus getting laundry done now instead of after work.
- Finding time to play about 30 minutes of video games.
- Getting into a snowball fight.
- Running my sister's dogs (one is a Samoyed who is in seventh heaven right now) through a few snow drifts.


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