Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last Two Weeks of Freedom

Before I go off, you should really check out this video profile of Keith Olbermann's smack down of Fox News -

Love ...

Also, check out the new cover of Rolling Stone, where the main story argues if Bush is our worst president...EVER.

Two weeks before I inherit a weimaraner. I've done a few things to prepare - like get an oil change (since I'm pretty sure I will need to run home for lunch to let the dog out), use up my remaining funds for last-minute CDs before my cash goes to vets and food (James Brown - Live at the Apollo II, GZA's Liquid Swords).

I have to admit, I'm having a few reservations. Especially this week, when I spotted a lost irish setter on my way to work. She was darting around in a large field, digging up whatever she could. After I called the owner, I played with her a bit and watched her dig up some more stuff and all I could think of was "THIS is what I'm getting in to."

I GOOGLED 'weimaraners' and 'apartments' - and most of the stuff that came up said stuff like "weimaraners are NOT apartment dogs." First off...I know what I'm getting myself into (sort of). I know weimaraners require constant care, exercise and obediance training.

I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I sort of parallel my situation with gay marriage. Yes, it's ideal to raise a kid with a woman and a man. It's also ideal to raise a kid in a home, with a stay-at-home parent and a breadwinner that brings in say...about 120 grand, ensuring a college fund. But as you all know, the majority of kids make it without these necessities. Kids thrive while living in apartment flats being raised by a single parent. Kids thrive living with gay parents. Kids thrive in households that take home practially nothing in wages.

My apartment is about to get a lot smaller. I'm hoping that I can compensate for lack of a large back yard.


Blogger crazy88 said...

I have a 2 year old weimaraner bitch called breeze. My brother also had a dog weimaraner around the same time knowing the breed well we knew that they are a difficult breed to train but having dogs before (German Shepherds) I felt confident I would be O.K. As soon as Breeze was able to leave the house 12 weeks old I took her puppy obedience training as did my brother. Breeze took to training very well and is now the most well behaved dog I know. Breeze is very protective of myself and my children I have a physically disabled son she has learnt what she can and can’t do with my son and is very gentle with him. But being the breed that she is she is sometimes over protective and barks at passers by and will jump up at my Husband and bite when we cuddle. My brother’s dog even with the training chews everything in his house C.Ds, D.V.Ds, carpets, walls, doors, eats all the food in the fridge and cupboards still messes in the house and once chewed through a power cable. I would not be with out my dog we think maybe my dog is better behaved because she is a bitch and my brothers is a dog even after having him castrated he is still very aggressive my brothers girlfriend is scared of him as he has attacked her and my brother is sometimes on the receiving end. You seem very passionate about owning a dog and it is obviously not just on a whim apartment or not. But could you handle having always to rush home and clear up the dogs mess I know how it gets to my brother he even has to turn down nights out with friends to stay in with the dog and it hasn’t improved much in the 2 years. I don’t think the apartment is going to be a problem but you should worry about the 101 other problems which could occur.

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