Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Writers are a sensitive lot

We write our stuff and we force our friends to read every damn blog or article we publish, wanting feedback. We hate boredom. We need excitement; we feed off of it. Do I pack up and move to another city with no job awaiting me, or do I continue to sit and sulk here? This morning, I went to Lincoln to have coffee with my mom. She ran into someone she knew from work - she sat down with her (it was a table for two) and proceeded to talk for nearly 30 minutes. I was sort of taken aback, since she wanted to hear about the trip. But I sat down and listened idly while reading the paper.

I don't need attention. I understand she wanted/needed to get in touch with this person - but they wern't talking about anything. Just school, the girl's sorority, etc. Mom gestured to me to buy her some coffee. I obeyed. Still, after reading the paper for the third time, I was getting restless.

By our nature, writers are generally self-absorbed. We hopefully think that our thoughts are that important enough that they need to be written down and eventually published. That's not a bad trait in the least. Still, it sets oneself up to acknowledge that yes, we are self-absorbed. And we need an audience.

So, who knows where this massive need to change habitats is coming from. All I know is it's suppling fuel creatively. I know of writers who intentionally or not - begin to sabotage relationships to supply some kindling for writing. I think it's because it's one thing most writers fear - stability.

Still, watch me totally contradict this Blog if I ever land a stable job and a good boyfriend.


Blogger Nic said...

Or maybe you just wanted a little love from you mom?

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