Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A better version of me

For those who are keeping tabs, the new Fiona Apple album is due out next Tuesday. Rolling Stone already gave it four stars. Not bad - but they've been giving out five and four-and-a-half star reviews like candy recently (hello, The Rising, Get Behind Me Satan, To The Five Boroughs, Late Registration, Love And Theft - ok, that one deserved the classic status).

Two weeks until my trip to Tucson. Mission - to find a job that will afford me to relocate there. Only problem is that I'm having a severe attack of low self-esteem. I most likely need to drop 5 to ten pounds before I get there. I need to get my swagger back, but still be humble for interviews. I will take the interview in stride, but knowing that this interview will mean the difference between starting a new life in a very cool region of the U.S. or... spending another soul-sucking year in Omaha at a job I hate.

No pressure.

So, I fully realize that I've spent about $400 on this trip. No one is going to lift my spirits and get me back on track but me. If I fall on my ass without putting up a fight, it's a wasted $400 (most likely $550 when you consider spending money). So... here it comes in the next two weeks - my plan -

- Up the workouts to two a day - either before work or during lunch
- No granola (even though it's organic), no oatmeal cookies at Wild Oats or Whole Foods
- Get more sleep

No doubt there's another laundry list of stuff to do, but that's the stuff that needs tending to now.
So... here it comes - a better version of me -


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