Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No wonder I'm bisexual...

Straights think that bisexuals are either exhibitionists. Gays and lesbians think that bisexuals are fooling themselves. Bisexuals know better -

For those who wonder why I'm bisexual - I only offer you this makeshift scorechart. If you're gay, then most of the 'x's or checkmarks will be placed within your sex. If you're straight, it will most likely be in the opposite sex column. And of course, if you're bi, a little from column 'A' and a little from column 'B.' So... with that, here's the score chart to determine your sexuality (for geeks).

Category Guys vs. Gals Importance (1 - 10) scale
General physical attraction x 10
Intellectual compatibility x 10
Music taste x 9
Cuddling skills x 9
Would most like to take to dinner x 8
Ability to disarm you with a smile x 7
Can keep up with your political rants x 6
Taste in movies x 4
Shares your passion with sports x 2

Total score : 34 (guy) 32 (gals)

Feel free to add on to this list! Send me your scores!


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