Thursday, August 25, 2005

Regional Sexuality

I worked in Tempe, Arizona for about a year. While I was there, I was away from friends and family. It was time for a fresh start - a new identity. Whenever I start anew, I gain a ton of confidence because - well - I start at zero. There's no former relationship to judge, there're no associates who say "well, he's sort of a nerd" or "he's o.k., kinda boring." It's just you who will make the impression, no one else.

So, while I was there, I met this girl. Really intelligent. Really passionate about that stuff that I'm passionate about. Lo and behold, my sexuality went from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some experts will jump all over this and say "well, the reason you are gay is because you lack confidence, you seek confidence in others, and gays are notorious for not being confident, hence, the reason they're gay."

Whatever - I know plenty of confident gays out there.

Still, it got me thinking - can geography affect who you are sexually? If you are questioning your sexuality, would a specific region, such as San Francisco or the Netherlands, or other regions that are more accepting, make you more ... comfortable about exploring your sexuality? Or are there some regions that totally unlock and unleash what you so love about the opposite sex? It doesn't even have to be a city or state or country. It could be one table, at one specific coffee house, with Morphine playing in the background - that is capable of 'making the switch.'

Standards to obey - (because I forgot what I named this section)

Regardless - if you are in a Chat Room and you're gay, you cannot, absolutely, cannot, include 'boi' in your screen name if you are above the age of 24. Sorry, you're a quarter of a century old. Growing up hurts, but it's time you have to stop being a 'boi' and become a 'man', 'guy' 'geek' or whatever.


Blogger Nic said...

Funny you bring up the Netherlands. One of the first persons I came out to was a straight boy from the Netherlands. He was a foreign exchange student at my high school. We were very good friends by time the school year ended, which was the same time I began the coming out process. He told me, that while the Netherlands is very "free," homosexuallity is rarley talked about it. Not in the way it's looked down upon, rather, it's just not a topic of discussion, similarly to unspoken racisim.

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