Friday, September 16, 2005

It only takes one...

I do claim that I'm bisexual. But I do have to admit, that first crush - no matter the age - no matter how innocent that crush is - will inevitably put you on a path to discovery. For me, that came with Star Wars. The kids in my block wanted to be Han Solo but had a secret thing for Princess Leia (even though girls were still waaaaaaay gross).

I tried. But there was something about that lost lonely boy Luke Skywalker. His outfit. His refusal to be stuck in a dead-end farm job. That hair. There he was - a better version of me (sorry, had to put in a Fiona Apple lyric into this). I didn't know what I felt. Definitely not an attraction since I was still a kid, but a definite 'tug' - like how kids would feel about Lady Jaye of G.I. Joe or that first glimpse of Faye Valentine if they caught their bigger brother or sister watching Cowboy Bebop.

So, there you go, Pat Robertson. I don't blame family for my leanings. I don't blame the culture. I blame Star Wars. Add that to your hate list.

Preemptive strike for the weekend:
Predatory gay bikers at parks. Guys - seriously, I am actually there because I love biking on single-track. I'm not there to pick up anyone. These parks are filled with steep hills, curves and ruts (just like gay life). I'm doing good enough to keep on my bike not to be distracted by any creepy whistles or cheesy pickup lines. Shut up, bike and save that sh** for the bars or Pride Fests, where they belong.


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