Monday, October 10, 2005

Ok before you read this...

I'm not into games.
Only read this if you're interested in reading my work on a long-term basis. No one-night skim through and toss me aside.
If you think I'm easy, than you're chasing the wrong Blogger, buddy.

What if you began your Blogs like this? Kind of off-putting to say the least. Still, that's what a lot of us do on dates. It's like people (gay OR straight) don't trust their internal radar. Look, something about that person was able to make it past your barriers and possible revulsion for that cup of coffee or that vodka tonic. The thing is... let things play out - hell, have fun - you're only on this Earth for a short time.

You don't like games? Games are fun. Games keep you on your toes. Games challenge you. Keep in mind, I'm very monogamous, but if I'm met with the "only long term seekers need apply" greeting, I'm out of there. Part of the joy in a relationship is getting to know someone. And that first couple of times, the person may not bring their 'A' game - they may be shy, they may be aloof, they may be tired after working a 14-hour shift.

Once you sit down with a person, if you are expecting nothing less than your next long-term relationship, you're setting yourself up for a major disappointment. If you are on the receiving end, you are going up against some insurmountable expectations. "This guy wants me to be his life partner, and the only thing that we've talked about so far is ex-boyfriends and 'Harry Potter'?"

All I'm saying is... relax. Let your instincts guide you whether or not the guy's a bullshit artist. Use the force...

Preemptive strike
Yankee fans.
Can't stand the Yankees...


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