Monday, October 24, 2005

The stuff that dreams are made of...

So, I was late to work today. I hate being late. I've overslept before, but have always been able to make it by 8:03 a.m. But this morning - I hit the snooze a few times and then did the typical mistake of "I'll turn it off, because I'm awake. BUT, I'm just going to rest my eyes for a few minutes THEN get up and get into the shower. I deserve this." This was around 6:34 a.m.

And in a flash - I'm sent off to dreamworld. I'm with a group of people (friends, family and coworkers). I'm with this nice man who looks like Josh Hartnett (Virgin Suicides, Wicker Park and the ungodly Pearl Harbor). I'm instantly attracted to him, but given that I hardly know him, I play straight. Everyone starts leaving this parking lot we're at (outside lot of say Target or Lowes). Everyone's going to a party or a dinner of some sort. But Josh lookalike and I are still there, trying to find a corkscrew that belongs to the person throwing the party. We're freaking that someone lost it, but we remain levelheaded.

Dream takes us to a nice house, late-70s decor, brown, shaggy carpet and wood paneling. We're in the basement and we're still looking for this corkscrew. I'm growing more attracted to him by the moment, but remain collective, assuming he's got a girlfriend. While we're looking for this corkscrew in the basement, we start making small talk about what turns us on. Nothing gross - just little things, like rubbing your shoulders or sides etc.

He tries to explain what he likes and I play dumb, still looking around for this damn corkscrew. Finally, he grins and gestures over to this beanbag, "Here, let me show you." My Adam's apple feels like a stone. I go over and we remove our shirts. Soon, we're watching TV, shirts off and we're running our hands over each other's arm. That's it. Suddenly, he looks at me and gives me a gentle kiss on the lips. And that's that, we just go back to watching TV in each other's arms.

That moment of intense ecstasy jolts me up.

7:48 a.m.

S**t. I run through the shower, call in and say I'm running a tad late and zoom out at 8:12. I make sure that I have Fugazi, Minor Threat and Wilco to get me through this day. Normally, I would be cursing through traffic, but I'm totally at ease. Yes, I hate to be late for work. But as a result of my irresponsibility, I had a helluva dream (a dream I would not have had if I got up and went into the shower and went to work early). Big-ups to the irresponsible ID part of my brain.

Preemptive strike

Just because I had a dream about cuddling with a straight-acting Josh Hartnett lookalike doesn't mean I'm going to let preemptive strikes go, even though I feel guilty for lashing out at anyone today since I'm in a really good mood, but here it goes...

In chat rooms, when you first meet someone and agree to meet sometime for coffee or a brew, honesty is a great policy ... but not an absolute.

SomeoneFit4Fun - "I'm lonely, when are we going to hang out?"

Awesome! When can we hang out? You've totally reeled me in with that line!

One thing about being TOO picky is that you are lonely more times than not (usually). It's ok to feel this way - but disclosing it as an excuse to get together? Recipe for disaster. There're such things as courtship even in today's world. Use those skillz.


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"A dream is a wish the heart makes..."

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