Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let the party begin...

First off - I'm writing this with fairly drained spirits. I just saw the Packers play a very, very ugly game against the Giants. It was frigid. It was in Lambeau. And still - the Packers couldn't do it. Their defense was always a half step behind. Their penalties cost them big. And Favre, when they needed him the most - gave up the INT that lead to the Packers losing.

I'm a Packers fan - always will be. But this loss stung. All due credit to the Giants. The Packers had about 25 yards of offense in the second quarter - and somehow, the game still went into overtime.

Anyway - better news...

"Party Like It's 1.20.09" 1 Products

Today marks one year until Bush is out of office. And as for Obama - I have to admit, I am a bit worried. It looks like Florida and New York are going for Clinton. And if she gets California, it looks like she pretty much has the nomination tied up.

There are reasons to vote for Hillary. But I have to be alarmed at some of the reasons I've been hearing, just overhearing from people at some coffee houses (Blue Line and 13th St. Coffee) or even talking with my mom.

"Bill cheated on her - she deserves the presidency just for that."

Uh - no. She deserves the house whenever she decides to cut him loose, but the job of presidency?

I have the same baffled expression for some conservatives. Mike Huckabee is a flippin' minister, he doesn't believe in evolution, he's adamantly pro-life and he isn't tolerant of gays. The worst thing he's done is say we have a biblical obligation to care for the poor and defenseless. In fact, the only major difference (right now) between him and Mitt Romney is that Romney favors the one percent of the population that holds a good portion of the wealth in this country. Are you really going to vote for him just because Rush Limbaugh tells you to? You're about to enter a fucking recession. Don't you at least want someone on your side when you lose your job and suddenly you start to tone down your rants against those who leach off unemployment checks?

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Something for the readers

...since my last post was basically a huge rant about my life, I thought I'd use this blog as a reward for those who slogged through the last entry.

Episode 204 - Rosemary's Baby - fast forward to 13:56 - that's where you need to forward to once you endure a commercial to see the sole performance that should lock Alec Baldwin in for every 'Best Supporting Actor' in a sitcom award for 2007 for 30 Rock. I'm waiting for Rush Limbaugh to whine "If I did this it would be racist, but when Alec Baldwin does it, it's perfectly fine."

Secondly - Nebraska and Iowa readers who want something to do later today (New Year's Day) - head to Iowa School for the Deaf. Conor Oberst opening for...Barack Obama.

That's it - have a great New Years, all!

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