Sunday, June 22, 2008

Omaha Pride recap 2008

So, another Pride has come to an end. And so far, I've heard no positive things about the event. Because it was held at Lewis and Clark landing, people complained about the lack of parking. Other people, single people, hate it because they call it a total meat market.

For years, I was in that boat. But no more.
I already know what the night Pride festivities are like. Overpriced beer, entertainment that's not my cup of tea and lots of people looking for the hookup. So I opted to go in the afternoon. It's free - and I had a chance to catch the action going on at the booths.

I stopped by the Human Rights Campaign booth, the Obama campaign booth (I'm a sucker for politically active gay geek boys) and Front Runners (a group that runs/walks together twice a week). I kept thinking about how I badmouth Pride for so many years while these volunteers pretty much gave up their Saturday and a few other days to set up their booths). A lot of these booths are great sources of information and add some substance to what many see as a day "where the homos parade down the street in leather chaps, waving rainbow flags." So...for those who read this - and who volunteer - thanks for doing what you do.

Second item -
I adopted a ten-year-old weimaraner. He's at home on my couch, he digs Pulp and is an all-around cool-ass pup. I don't expect this dog to cause me 'to break out of my shell and find a mate' or become a better person. He needed a place to retire - I needed a low-key dog who is as comfortable on the couch as he is running in the park.

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