Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barack Obama - This is what you have to deal withd

August sucked for Obama. And McCain hasn't even really hit that hard. He doesn't need to. There's all this talk about how Obama is beating McCain in fundraising, but who needs fundraising when one party (the Republican party) has pretty much an entire AM radio format for free advertising. You can flood radio with 30-second ads for Obama - but you still have to deal with three hour blocks of Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingram, O'Reilly and Savage.

In addition, anti-Obama books are flooding the New York Times bestseller list. Even if they are preaching to the choir, where the hell are the anti-McCain books?

I'm watching the Democratic convention right now and Michelle Obama is saying Americans are tired of "red meat" and they want something more substantive. I wish I could believe that. Face it, negative sells. No matter how positive a campaign's message is, when it comes down to the last few weeks and the race is tight, it always resorts to negative.

It must work because currently, Obama and McCain are tied in polls conducted by CNN. By now, due to Bush's popularity ratings, Obama should have an easy road to the White House. The reality shows another story entirely. Ads linking Obama to terrorists, constantly questioning his patriotism and even his food choices (since when the fuck did liking arugula become a crime?) are being attacked - and the "news" of these attacks are landing on CBS, NBC and ABC - which equates to even more free air time for the anti-Obama attack machine. Who cares if most of the attacks are hyperbole? The moment it lands on the news, you're guilty in the eyes of most of the public.

Rolling Stone had a decent article about how Bush ruined the Republican Party in its latest issue. I won't believe that statement until Election Night. A McCain win pretty much right now equates to an American endorsement of Bush's last eight years in office.

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