Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Something for the readers

...since my last post was basically a huge rant about my life, I thought I'd use this blog as a reward for those who slogged through the last entry.

Episode 204 - Rosemary's Baby - fast forward to 13:56 - that's where you need to forward to once you endure a commercial to see the sole performance that should lock Alec Baldwin in for every 'Best Supporting Actor' in a sitcom award for 2007 for 30 Rock. I'm waiting for Rush Limbaugh to whine "If I did this it would be racist, but when Alec Baldwin does it, it's perfectly fine."

Secondly - Nebraska and Iowa readers who want something to do later today (New Year's Day) - head to Iowa School for the Deaf. Conor Oberst opening for...Barack Obama.

That's it - have a great New Years, all!

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