Friday, August 17, 2007

It's been a while...

...since I updated my blog. One of my best friends was injured in a car accident a month ago, so I've been going back-and-forth to the rehab center, getting her anything from specific deodorant from Wild Oats to her newly-recharged iPod. Still, I can't blame her for my lack of writing inspiration. It may be the summer heat, it may be the week off I took to read Harry Potter, it may have been those weeks where I focused more on exercise to help alleviate my anxiety. Or it could be that I've had absolutely nothing to write about for the past month.

iPod list for the day...
"Medley: Gambler's Blues/Sweet Little Angel (live)" - luther Allison ****
"Dead Leaves And the Dirty Ground" - The White stripes *****
"2+5=5 (the Lukewarm)" - Radiohead *****
"Dividing Island" - Lansing-Dreiden *** (very, very 70ish)
"8 Million Stories" - A Tribe Called Quest *****
"I Taught Myself How to Grow Old" - Ryan Adams ****
"Painted Soldiers" - Pavement ****
"Blue Line Swinger" - Yo La Tengo **
"The Story of Jazz" - Yo La Tengo ***
"Rollercoaster" - Sleater-Kinney *****
"Big Decision" - Elliott Smith ***
"I Don't Love You" - My Chemical Romance ***
"Bad Liver and a Broken Heart" - Tom Waits ****
"Parting of the Sensory" - Modest Mouse ****
"Stop Breaking Down" - The Rolling Stones ******
"Say You Miss Me" - Wilco ****
"Intro" - Ghostface Killah **
"The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders" - Sufjan Stevens ***
"What a Day (For a Night)" - Paul Westerberg ***
"The Late Ones (live)" - Wilco ****
"Dumb" - Garbage ***
"A Scale, A Mirror and those Indifferent Clocks" - Bright Eyes ***


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