Friday, June 29, 2007

Something actually Transformers-related

Since my blog name is TransformersGeek, I thought I needed to add something about the upcoming movie. Without a doubt, the best review I've read so far comes from the Montreal Film Journal:

Imagine you're on a date with a breathtakingly hot babe whom you can't wait to get out of her clothes and have fun with... But first, you have to listen to her as she talks about really boring crap and makes a lot of lame jokes, as the girl is as dumb as she's hot. Still, after a couple of hours of this, you do get her in bed, she finally shows you all of her "special effects" and they're as spectacular as you imagined. Then you have, well, not meaningful lovemaking, obviously, but some pretty intense meaningless sex. "Transformers" is basically that attractive but mindless chick and in reviewing it, I find myself in the same position as Jerry in the "Seinfeld" episode where his brain and his penis are playing chess.

Here's the rest of the review...

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