Monday, June 11, 2007

How much longer do I have to be a Republican?

I've ranted and railed against the Republican establishment since I was in the eighth grade and saw Jesse Jackson speak at my high school. But two years ago, under general threat of Tom Osborne unseating Dave Heineman - a Republican, a pro-lifer, but in general, a guy who was amicable, focused more on legislation for business than legislation for morality and honestly - probably more qualified as governor. So - I switched ranks.

I've been kind of lazy - so I haven't switched my rank back to Independent, but it looks like the Republican establishment will have to have me in its ranks for another few months as it seems like a lot of the right (especially 1110 K-Facist-AB) have been drumming up support to oust senator Chuck Hagel from a Senate run. So, come primary time, it looks like I'll have to keep my Republican rank to throw my support for senator Hagel.

Look - a lot of his policies I can do without. I think the gay marriage issue is total pandering. But to be honest, Iraq is probably THE most important issue facing Americans at this point. And - like it or not...any time Hagel has said anything about Iraq, be it today, or two years ago, he's had a helluva track record for being dead-on accurate. To top it off, unlike the majority of the planners of Iraq (oh yeah, and Afghanistan - keep forgetting that one) - he's actually had military experience.

For the pro-business folk out there - I'll break it down into this way - sometimes, that pain in the ass co-worker, that cynic, that constant critic - is one of your best employees because some are not trying to undermine the company, they're trying to give you the consequences of your actions so you can plan accordingly. President Lincoln surrounded himself with these people. You surround yourself with a bunch of yes-men (and women) - and you typically get clocked by reality.

Hagel criticizing Bush does not make him a bad senator. And if Nebraska is too dumb to toss one of the most knowledgeable people about the Iraq war in favor of someone who will be sure to weave the term "my faith tells me..." into every one of their speeches, maybe we don't deserve him, but the U.S. sure as hell does.



Blogger Howard Davis said...

Hagel is almost as far right as they get. But in today's GOP (which you are now a member, ha ha) no principle is more important than loyalty to George W Bush. They simply don't accept it. It would be ironic for the Nebraska GOP if they ended up with someone who was actually less conservative than Hagel, but someone who was willing to kiss Bush's ring.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Good point -
I just think that he's one of the most essential voices that needs to be heard about Iraq. Still,as a social liberal - I know this current argument would be the equivalent in the '60s of saying "Yeah, I hate that senator's flat-out ignorant, anti-civil rights views, but he's the only one who knows what the hell is really happening in Vietnam."

2:49 PM  

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