Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Hard People Shatter" - RIP Kate Webb

Sadly, I didn't hear a thing about Kate Webb until I heard a segment on "As it Happens" as I was driving home today. Virtually all of her life in journalism was the stuff of legend.

First off - as anyone who has been on journalismjobs.com can attest - it's nearly impossible to find a journalism job without a journalism degree. Webb started out with a philosophy degree and ended up taking a reporter job - despite not knowing shorthand. She dove into the job and ended up cleaning out her savings (or damn near close to clearing it out) to pay to go to Saigon to cover the war.

She was captured by North Vietnamese soldiers during the war and was assumed to be killed during combat. There even was a bullet-ridden body that was close enough to resemble her to merit a funeral and an obit in the New York Times.

When she was released, she continued covering world events, up to the first Gulf War.



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