Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus ditched

Imus fired from CBS. THAT's how you get results.

Of course, it didn't take long for FOX to spin this. Any remaining person who thinks that FOX has no bias need only to hear a few snippets of last night's broadcast where one of the anchors wondered why it took Obama so long to publically state his opinion on the Imus matter and have his opinion stated after everything was pretty much resolved. The famous 'question mark' subhead read something like "Has the Imus controversy hurt Obama?"

Imus, Imus, Imus... yeah, the producer's "jigaboo" remark is far more offensive - as well as many of the blatantly unfunny and racist skits throughout the years. About as offensive as Limbaugh's "Halfrican American" remark. And this is what public outrage does. Are you trying to tell me that the public can't get organized enough to bring up companies who do business with organizations (private and public) in Sudan who are sponsoring genocide - but we can get an almost immediate dismissal of a radio personality who uttered "hos" - a term that has been uttered in almost EVERY sitcom by both white and black actors?! I watched a bit of the '700 Club' yesterday morning and Robertson was sympathetic toward Imus, but he was salivating - basically asking folks to use this momentum to go after rap music and other things ungodly. If Imus was this easy, it's going to be only easier to go after another personality - but this time, it could very well be because a few very visible public advocates do not like the ideas the person is spouting - even if that person is not using course language.

This is where my liberatrian gene kicks in. Limbaugh's TV show was cancelled. Dr. Laura's show was cancelled. Why? Yeah, a few very public figures attacked both - but their untilmate demise came from a straight ol' public ass-kicking. Low ratings (e.g. the market) did them in. Not because a public figure tried to fan the flames for their own opportunistic means - but because the public simply decided to turn it off. That totally stripped Rush and Laura from any sense of martyrdom - something that Imus can proudly declare himself. I will be the first one to pop a champagne bottle if Rush's or Sean Hannity's shows gets cancelled - but it g*ddamn better not be because a single person, but because the public generally got fed up and ditched their sorry asses.

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if only somebody can also shut up ann coulter... :)

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