Thursday, April 05, 2007

Elvis, Neko and Tucson

Got my trip mapped out. Just going to run my suit to the cleaners over lunch for my job recruiting trip to Tucson next week.

A bit sleepy today after catching Elvis Perkins (who has a nice write-up in USA Today) and Let's Go Sailing at the Waiting Room last night. The night before, I caught Neko Case at the Rococo. I've seen Neko play at the Sokol Underground as well as with the New Pornographers in Lawrence, KS. She put on a great show, as usual. The crowd wasn't nearly as obnoxious as the last concert I attended at the Rococo (Jeff Tweedy). I think Neko Case, at least right now, has achieved this level of untouchability in my ears. In terms of songwriting and music, I can't see her releasing a weak album, but I know it will eventually happen if an artist is in it for the long haul. I can imagine PJ Harvey releasing a weak album (though people have already said it has happened - though I liked Uh Huh Her and Is This Desire?), many say Lucinda Williams' West isn't on par with her usual output. But Neko - I dunno, it's going to be really hard to imagine her releasing a weak album.

Elvis Perkins was great, though I opted to hang back at the bar near a tabletop videogame machine and admire the show from there, nursing a few vodka tonics. Let's Go Sailing put on a great show as well. It was one of those performances that could make you purchase a CD after the show even if you didn't know anything about the band before coming into the venue. Looking forward to listening to it today.

This was my first time in the Waiting Room Lounge. I talked to one of the bartenders, who was also a drummer. I asked him if the place was open on Sunday and he responded with an enthusiastic "Yup." Awesome - ever since Brother's Lounge decided to close on Sunday, I've been looking for a decent watering hole to have a pint or two and play a game of pool on that occasional Sunday afternoon that justifies such an action. In addition to being a generally great venue to catch a live act, the place is incredibly laid back - vintage pinball games (from the '90s-vintage), a pool table, I'm assuming a decent juke box.

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