Sunday, April 15, 2007

A night at the airport

I arrived at Dallas International Airport about two hours after my flight was supposed to arrive. In case you haven't searched the news sites, weather has been killing air travel the past few days. Much to my relief, I saw my plane to Omaha was LEAVING at 9:58. I looked at my watch: 9:45 as I ran out of the gate. And the gate for Omaha was only two gates down. But the doors were locked. The plane hadn't even left the terminal. The folks at American actually were cool, practically begging the crew to open the door, but no go. I started to curse the two slow-ass folks who were in front of me in my flight that took about three minutes to wiggle their fat-ass storage luggage out of its bin.

So, at 11 - and no bars open, I opted for a cot. I could have driven to Albuquerque from Tucson to see Neko Case, but I already spent too much cash in Tucson. So, I grabbed a cot and read. With no one around, I was pissed that the volume on every set in every gate was amped up so an audience of 50 could hear. Trying to get some sleep, I drifted in and out of counsciousness, dreaming of flooding and Imus (the TV was on CNN).

I got into Omaha this morning, smelling quite funky and slightly agitated. I skipped my usual breakfast at the Radial to nap for a few hours. Even though this was a damn-near flawless day, I opted to waste a few hours and catch the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.

A slight disclaimer: I know it was basically a long ep. of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. But to be honest, it just wasn't funny. I chuckled a few times at the shock value of hearing unchained vulgarity of the show that always seems to want to break out in a "motherfucker" now and then. But aside from that, it just wasn't...funny.

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