Sunday, May 27, 2007

1,000 Profile Views!

To whoever viewed my profile - thanks for bringing it to 1,000 hits.

I got my test results back - and actually wound up going to the emergency room again yesterday because I felt like I was having an anxiety attack, but my chest felt like it was collapsing and the doctor said it may be a heart attack.

Once again, anxiety.

This is nuts. I'm a bit stressed at work, but nothing that's par for the course. I did get it after having two cups of coffee at the Blue Line and then grabbing bloody mary at one of the neighborhood dive bars. The doctors said my heart enzymes were a bit on the high side, but they came back normal. Other stuff was fine across the board: heart beat in the low 90s, EEG fine and blood pressure at 120 over 79. I went home and watched a few episodes of The Wire and felt the occasional "fear" come on every now and then.

So, I start today on a clean slate. My usual routine of eating breakfast at the Radial, reading the New York Times at The Meeting Place, browsing books at the Antiquarium has been replaced by a weird series of baby steps:
Make breakfast at home: check
Take a bag of garbage to the dumpster: check
Get in the car and get some fuel: check

Hopefully work my way back up to catching a show at The Meeting Room this week (for some reason, going to loud, rambunctious shows doesn't seem to trigger any anxiety-related attacks).



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