Monday, October 01, 2007


So - I put down an offer on a house a few weeks ago. And the reaction has been split down the middle. My family and the friends that I have who have warmed to the idea of suburbia - a nice back yard, weekend trips to the Home Depot for the latest house project, changing the lawn mower blade in the garage, playing KISS covers, beautiful and stoned - all welcomed the move as a sign of maturity. The friends that are more of the nomadic nature are not as receptive. Especially when I got a call from a newspaper I applied for in Oregon.

It also didn't help that I viewed this on CBS News. First off - yes - the cynic in me sees this lecture as another 'how to live your life' lecture. But we can't be cynics all the time - and this is one time I let my guard down - I actually listened to the entire lecture after this report:

Different topic - new albums come out tomorrow. Top pic so far: PJ Harvey's White Chalk

White Chalk



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