Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No one said it was going to be easy...

...but no one said it would be this hard.
- S. Crow

The dog has made two messes since he's come into my apartment. I know an apartment is a shitty place for a weimaraner, but I've enrolled him in obediance courses, taken him running in the morning and after work (extensively), gave him two other dogs to play with at my sister's and - like a new dad - am home every night now.

It's terrifying. It is like having a kid. You now are that being's life. I came home and was greeted by a letter from my previous residence saying we owed them a new carpet. Bulls**t - but I don't have the documentation to back it up. Folks - let this be a life lesson. Take pictures of everything and take them to a place where they can date them - because the bigger rental residences will totally f**k you over.

It's about $650. That greeted me as I was desperately trying to establish trust with this new bundle of massive energy known as a weimaraner. When stuff goes bad, you wait for the other shoe to drop. It's that unexpected $500 you owe in books for class that wipes out your account, then all of a sudden, you worry about that little hesitation your engine does at the stoplight.
"Oh sh**, anything but this right now. Just keep running for another few months..."

Me, I'm waiting for the neighbors to complain about the dog noise. The apartment allows dogs, so you should be allowed some liberties. And it's not like I'm at the bars at night - leaving the dog to flounder in the crate. But I'm waiting for the first complaint. Then the harsh "resolve this or face eviction" notice that would force me to give up this new dog, which will turn me into one of those people I have little respect for: those who abandon their pets because they didn't do their homework on them.

I look at this puppy and I know I have to assert some major domination quick before he takes over the house. At the same time, in the back of my head, I'm terrified of those bright, glassy eyes.
"Don't yowl when you're in the crate. You gotta stay in the crate if we can get this potty training thing down. I'm not giving up on you..."

I put food in his crate. I occasionally toss snacks in the crate and say "go to your kennel." I never use it for punishment. But at night when I lock him in, he starts crying. I ignore it, then it gets so loud I know the neighbors hear. So I get up and wait for him to stop crying (since if you open the crate immediately, it's totally rewarding their bad behavior). Dog 1, neighbors 0.

Jesus...if this is what pet ownership is like... can't imagine having a kid.


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