Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why I can't go (at least, not yet)

It's becoming more and more evident that I'm not going to get a call from a company in Tucson needing my skills. It's a bummer. And I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible. Still, some coworkers who I have confided in have not been helpful. "Keep applying, they may hire you on the spot." ... when I'm 1500 miles away. And when I need to make a decision on whether or not to stay in Omaha for another six months by Nov. 11 at the latest. Some jobs posted on monster or on company job sites are either a) already filled by someone internal or b) haven't even received budget approval. THAT's what pisses me off! If you are asking applicants to spend a few hours of their time and money putting a resume package together, at least have a job that's waiting.

So... this situation has brought out the personalities of my friends and I can successfully lump them into two categories: the people who say 'screw it and move' and the people who say 'It's not time yet, you need a job.'

The screw it and move folks...

Impulsive to the core. "Things will work themselves out" "Once you get down there, everything will fall into place." These are the romantics of my circle. They believe once I'm down there, I may have to slug through six weeks of Target work, but then a job matching my qualifications will open and applicants will be far more receptive toward me because I'm there and I'm not 1500 miles away.

The 'It's not time yet, you need a job' crowd...

Much, much more like my behavior. Anything less than "Mr. Transformersgeeek - we have reviewed your resume and we think you would be perfect for this job, when can you come down?" - is unacceptable. Anything less is fleeing Omaha, like you're running away from something. You want to move from one area to another because there is a better life, a better option, better prospects. It's romantic in its own way - in that these people refuse to compromise their beliefs. It's also the more level-headed - in that virtually everyone in this group would never move to another city without there being a job in the waiting.

Well, readers...which side are you on?


Blogger Nic said...

I've always been a fan of screwing! However, you have to be safe. You don't need to be impulsive. Six months is no time at all. My vote, sign the lease and work like hell to find yourself a job. And don't limit yourself to just Tucson, either. There are plenty of amazing cities out there. Who knows, maybe Tucson isn't where you're supposed to be right now. Maybe it's Atlanta or Chicago? I hear Denver is nice too ;-)

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