Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our lease just arrived

My roommate gave me the news last night. I still have a few stray, waning leads in Tucson. I really, really need to get out of this city to grow as a person. Yes, I know "growth is in yourself" - but I really think a geographic change can do wonders. It has for me.

So - it's arrived, but it will be a few days before our schedules are so that we can all sit down and review the lease. It's only for six months, but I'm getting anxious as hell to vacate. I almost applied for a university job in Austin before common sense took over (no offense, Austin. I love your city) - it's a university job. It could take months before the application process finishes. I only have a few days left of breathing room.

Options are quite limited right now. I could pack up and take a job at Target, but that's like fleeing Omaha. If I'm going to leave, I'm determined to have a job waiting for me when I get down there.


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