Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Workouts postponed due to 24, Zelda

So the first four hours of 24 are in the can - and I've seen folks on both the right and the left claim the show as their own. Rush Limbaugh, a professed fan of 24, has hosted roundtable discussions about the show - and actors and producers have appeared. The producers have been on his show and he says the show is needed to remind people we are at war (funny, I thought that gaping hole in the Manhattan skyline was enough of a reminder, but that may just be me).

The folks on the left point to Season 2 - where President David Palmer refused to go to war with a corrupt nation because he was not completely sure that nation was behind a plot to detonate a nuclear device on U.S. soil - it was a cautionary tale of jumping to war without exhausting all other means - and as the show was coming out in 2002 - it was chilling to watch.

The right point to Season 4 to justify torture. And true, 24 did have a shift to the right during this season as Jack stripped the wiring off a lamp and proceeded to get friendly with his girlfriend's ex. An innocent person was tortured at CTU, but within a few hours, she was back at her post - a bit shaken, but otherwise fine. Sort of like being in a fender bender.

It's a great show as far as escapism goes. And it will be interesting to see how both sides try to fit the show into their own political agenda.

Now, on to the other topic for the blog - Legend of Zelda - The Twilight Princess. I know the PS3 will improve. I know XBox 360 is great, but right now, I'm totally fine with my GameCube. Legend of Zelda - The Twilight Princess is fun as hell and has proven to be a swashbuckling bloody good time to stave off cabin fever during a weekend of winter weather advisories and -20 wind chills. The graphics may not be Gears of War-quality, but the characters (two geek icons have gotten hottie makeovers these past months - first Chloe in 24 and now a grown-up Link in Zelda), general gameplay, bosses (great design, though almost too easy to beat) and jaw-dropping castles have made this a game that you almost don't want to beat to prolong the gaming experience. Fan f**king tastic.


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