Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where Do I Start Where Do I Begin?

I don't consider myself an Omaha hater. To be honest, virtually every band I've wanted to see in the past four years has rolled into Omaha: Neko Case, Yo La Tengo, Ghostface Killah, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (twice!) and Modest Mouse to name a few. But at work today, all I did was stare at a computer screen and think about my upcoming 33rd birthday. A third of my thirties will be gone in a year.

One of my friends just moved to New York. He actually was lucky enough to get a job so he does not fall in the category of the romantic who moves to New York to either become a writer or an actor. He wants me to move up there. And to be honest, it sounds nice. But I'm juggling between two hard-core desires: the desire to up and move and start anew in a new location of my choosing or going where the market takes me. But what market? Technical writing (boring as hell, but I sure love knocking out that rent) or journalism (wonderful profession - can't wait to get back - until you start getting fed assignments like covering city council meetings and getting a paycheck that's *just* above what you were making full-time during your 'summer' jobs).

I have a few months to figure this out. First off - I was going to toss out the locations...

Albuquerque: Don't laugh. It's actually a fairly up-and-coming town. Great tech hub, OK music scene and a good mix of the blue collar and the quirky and artistic. Decent weather as well.

Tucson: Yes you have to don oven mitts to drive to work if you leave your car out. Still, nothing beats the city's freaky energy like being there in the summer when all the students and snowbirds retreat. Bonus - the University of Arizona for a possible graduate program.

Lakehurst: New Jersey. New York City's not too far away. I have some friends there. It could work...

Olympia: Portland became the refuge for those who couldn't afford Seattle. Now Olympia has become the refuge for those who can't afford Portland. Great tech hub. Awesome scenery. An OK drive to the coast.

Still, I need to get my finances in order. I need to get in better shape. And so far, I'm not off to a good start: I blew off working out to play the new Zelda game on the GameCube.



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