Sunday, December 17, 2006

Year End List - Part 1 - my life

I thought I would kick off my 'year end' list with the most uneventful part - meaning my life.
The important stuff - the 'best flicks of 2006' and the obvious 'best music' will come later in the week. That said...

Top 5 Personal Events of 2006

5. Foot surgery. Finally the persistent ingrown toenail problem is gone. Was nice to finally put on a sock again without doubling over in agony if I nudged my big toe against my shoe.
4. Got a freelance job - which is good. But the general nature of the job (another desk job) put me away from the gym and as a result, I've gotten soft. Now with that freelance job gone, I'm trying to get back into triathlon shape (I mean, half-triathlon).
3. Adjusted to my roommate/best friend moving away to another country. Going from seeing each other on an almost annoyingly daily basis to no contact at all.
2. The weimaraner situation. Got him from a pound. Fell in love. Tried to make things work in an apartment. He had to be kenneled. He hated kenneling. He woke up the entire complex whenever I had to go to work. I called the rescue services to see what could be done. Rescue service helped, but then told me about a family who has a stay at home mom, a ranch and three kids. I forced myself to shed a tear at my grandmother's funeral (she had Alzheimer's for more than a decade, so, to me, it was a relief to see her finally be relieved of the pain) - but I pretty much was a wreck for a solid two weeks after I surrendered him. Jesus, I still miss him. But I know he's in a loving family and tearing after squirrels.
1. Left my post-college job for a far better job with a far better staff with a far better company for a few grand less. I'm praying my car makes it another two years, but for the peace of mind, it's worth it.


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