Friday, January 05, 2007

Free Association Friday

I'm fairly anxious to catch Little Children tonight. I'm fairly accustomed to dark suburbian satires ala American Beauty and the Ice Storm, but I've heard Kate Winslet is amazing in this.

Free association 1: The departure of For Better or Worse from the comic strip world in '07

I'll be the first to say that this isn't on par with some of the better comic strips out there. But sometimes, you have to drop your smug armor and admit that in terms of consistency, Lynn has written a strip that is one of five strips that's flagged on my Yahoo comics. Come late '07, it looks like my list will narrow to four. I don't know if this comic ever reached a creative 'peak', but it hasn't had a marked dropoff in overall 'good' quality in decades. So, if you're going to retire, may as well do it while you're still producing a decent product.

Free association 2: The Go-Gos "Head Over Heels" came on either Pandora or LastFM a few days ago. My love for that song hasn't wavered since I heard it in the '80s. But much like "She Bop" - the song now takes on an entirely new meaning once I actually read the lyrics. At first, the chorus of the song, sung by a peppy Belinda Carlisle, sounds like a tale of puppy love. But if memory serves me correctly, I think I remember Carlisle said the song was an autobiographical tale of being in the throws of a cocaine addiction.

Ok, I spent this blog lauding the Go-Gos and For Better or Worse. Before I start sounding like a West Omahan, here's my list of the day - a fairly moody selection...

Last FM mix:
"Cowgirl" - Underworld ****

"The Walk" - Imogen Heap ***
"The New Pollution" - Beck ****
"Daylight" - Coldplay *****
"Commissioning" - CAKE ***
"The 59th Street Bridge Song" - Simon un Garfunkle ****
"Sweet Leaf" - Black Sabbath ****
"Damage" - Dirty Vegas ** (must...go...clubbing...)
"Anxiety" - Bad Religion ***
"My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist" - The Decemberists ****
"PDA" - Interpol *****
"Atoms for Peace" - Thom Yorke ****
"Prayer" - Miles Davis *****
"Longwall" - Early Day Miners ****

My iPod (Whitey) list
"Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)" - De La Soul *****
"Outdoor Miner" - Wire ***
"The Valley of Malls" - Fountains of Wayne ***
"Lucinda" - Tom Waits ****
"State Trooper" - Bruce Springsteen *****
"Here For You" - Neil Young ***
"It's the Life" - Grant Lee Buffalo *****
"Epic Problem" - Fugazi ****
"Clap Your Hands!" - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ** (good album, tho)
"Monster in the Parasol" - Queens of the Stone Age ****
"Good Old-Fashined Lover Boy" - Queen *** (feel free to withhold any snickering)
"Lightness" - Death Cab For Cutie ***
"How Beautiful You Are" - The Cure ****
"Candy Perfume Girl" - Madonna ****
"Provisional" - Fugazi ****
"Even Flow" - Pearl Jam **** (docked for the overplayed to death aspect of it)
"Tired Hippo" - Yo La Tengo ****
"Black Man" - Stevie Wonder ****
"Shiny Things" - Tom Waits ****
"Love Potion #9 (produced by anthony Marinelli)" - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Band **"Coffee & TV" - Blur ****
"What Comes Around" - The Beastie Boys ****
"Ghetto Musick" - Big Boi ***

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