Thursday, September 07, 2006

Operating System Not Found

...that was what greeted me when I powered on my laptop last night. I got this laptop (Sony Vaio) in 2002 with some assistance from family and a cheap program at the University. Needless to say, my recovery disc is nowhere to be found. It's on its last legs anyway: the battery has been dead for almost two years and the AC power needs to be plugged in 'just so' into the outlet in the laptop, otherwise, the computer dies.

One of my friends at Homer's music (a friend I don't try to meet there because she usually talks me into buying about $50 worth of CDs when I really came in for just one CD that was on sale for $9.99) just got a new laptop from Nebraska Furniture Mart (think Best Buy meets your standard furniture store for non-Nebraska readers) with zero interest for 36 months. I should jump at the chance. It's a great deal. But I'm stubborn and want to get the most life I can out of this laptop.

It's like an old car.

Sure it overheats when you stop at a red light, that's why you try to time getting to a red light so you don't stop. Or you shut your AC off as you approach the red light. Or you do any other quirks to your car so that you can eek out another horrible winter or another punishing summer.

Sure enough, after fiddling around with some of the internals and taking a dead battery and sliding it back into its home, Microsoft XP came up and I was able to transfer every damn thing I had onto CDs. Album reviews, resumes for 'corporate' jobs, resumes for freelance jobs, clips and links to clips, and yeah ... even a few sporadic fan-fiction docs.

So, here's hoping the laptop endures another year. If not...any recommendations about new laptops? I've heard good things about Toshiba, but I'm also looking at the Mac Power book. The poster with the best computer recommendation gets a complimentary mix CD.


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