Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to the gym...maybe

The holiday was awesome. The weather couldn't have been better: slightly breezy, upper 60s and mostly sunny. Spent a few hours walking my sister's dogs and spent another few hours in the park reading Cobra II - a great book about the war in Iraq.

I did some running and I've come to the realization that I hate running on sidewalks. It's like having a shock to the knee each time your shoe hits the pavement. My apartment's gym could fit in your average apartment living room, meaning you're that close to a total stranger. I know it's like that in a gym, but at least you have some space. In addition, the gym is right next to the office, so when people come in to check the place out, they can't help but look at you. It's like you're in the plated glass cave at a zoo as the onlookers gawk.

First off - I hate the gym. I admire people who stay in shape or get in shape by doing it sans-gym: by getting out and running, by sticking to an exercise routine at home. Still, I think I'm close to breaking down and renewing my membership. It's $40 a month if you choose to go four days a week. You have a decent pool, raquetball court, basketball court, tons of wide open spaces to do your own thing and a sauna, steamroom and whirlpool. The only thing is that I would have to sign up for a year lease, and with a plan to move in May, that would mean eating a few months - amounting to about $150. Not much, but I keep thinking "that $150 could be used for a plane ticket to check out the area I want to move to before I move."

Still, there are some intangibles... If you pay for something, you're going to tend to want to get the most out of it. Yeah, working out with a run in the morning outside is more fulfilling, but seriously, I doubt I'm going to be doing many runs at 5:30 in the morning when it's -20 outside. The hardcore runners do this without fail - but hardcore I am not.


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