Sunday, August 06, 2006

Appropriate start to a Sunday

About to head out to see The Rollins Band and X. Prepping for the concert by listening to a story on NPR about the making of Revolver.

It looks like Talladega Nights had a big box office weekend - $47 million. USA Today had a cautionary article about whether Will Ferrell's movie made fun of NASCAR fans. I seemed to find similar articles elsewhere on the Web. It seems that the media was worried that a movie would offend a majority of red state-dwelling, god-fearing, down-home sports fans. Not to generalize, but a lot of NASCAR culture (see Blue Collar Comedy) get blank checks for making fun of immigrants, gays and intellects. But the very notion that their culture is subject to the same ridicule as other culture seems alien to some people. These folks are supposed to exemplify toughness. When did these folks (NASCAR fans) grow skins so thin that they can't take a joke?

Saturday sucked for no particular reason. Yes it was hot. Yes it was muggy. Yes I was broke. I had two drinks Saturday night because I knew I had to get up around 7 a.m. and start Bikram yoga. There's a decent studio in Omaha that's doing a promotion - $10 for ten days. They do yoga sessions three times a day. Do the math and you've got a decent deal if you can get up at 4:45 in the morning.

I've done Hatha yoga for two years, but nothing could prepare me for Bikram. I walked into the studio and the heat slapped me awake. For the next 90 minutes, I witnessed the effects of two months of slacking off exercising and being in a funk. There were no 'awakenings' - just a t-shirt that looked like it just came out of a washer. You were forced to look at yourself in the mirror as you worked through the poses. I saw veins literally surface to my temples as I tried to contort into the poses, my leg slipped around my other leg, desperately trying to wrap itself around my left calf, but my legs were too sweat-ridden to get any traction.

It was cleansing. One of those workouts where you literally sweat your ass off. Now to get there by 6 a.m. tomorrow after seeing X and Henry Rollins.

Preemptive strike...
This girl at 13th St. Coffee told me she saw this Fox News segment that had a "doomsday expert." The segment was a popular segment with the media: Are We in the End Times? With talk of World War III and life in a Post-September 11 world, you can see how people may be thinking that this may indeed be...


Fear sells and there's plenty of fear to go around. But after growing up in a decade filled with Red Dawn and The Morning After and other shows that told us that in any moment, Russia would volley all of their nuclear weapons at us because we stood for freedom and they...didn't - you'll excuse me if I don't consult the Left Behind series to find out how I can be "saved." I know we are accustomed to greater affluence than our parents (or at least, accustomed to greater technology - I think that fewer people can afford homes than in decades past due to the ever-increasing income gap between rich and poor), but our grandparents (those who are living) must be laughing their asses off when they see these stories. The Great Depression (with 25 percent unemployment), the dust bowl AND a TRUE World War. Even our parents had OPEC and double-digit inflation - not to mention the Cuban missile Crisis.

I invite any person who is currently sitting in a McMansion and sipping on a Starbucks double mocha who is worried about the 'end of times' to take a mental vacation to what they would even "think" life would be like currently in Darfur. Imagine spending as much as three days there with no access to help. THEN tell me if you think that you are living in the "end times."

Sorry that I'm on my moral high horse. But these segments royally piss me off.


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