Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thoughts on Bass

First off - since I my name is 'Transformersgeek' - I guess I should include a Transformers-related quip every now and then. In this case, it comes from the movie Clerks II, where Clerks alum Randal (Jeff Anderson) relentlessly trashes god-fearing Elias' (Trevor Fehrman) love of the Transformers, saying it was a terrible show and a possible byproduct of Satan. He does have a point.

The movie is almost worth the $7 for Jay's (Jason Mewes) painfully funny recreation of the Buffalo Bill 'dance' scene in Silence of the Lambs.

So - Lance Bass of N*Sync came out. He's in a stable relationship and he said he was afraid to come out because it would have endangered the popularity of the band.

All valid reasons and I have nothing ill to say about him (other than the fact his band aided in the decline of popular music over the past decade). It's ironic that one of the most gay-friendly industries and an industry that's probably more obsessed over by the gay community moreso than any other community (the entertainment industry) is also an industry where almost no one comes out until it's a last resort. The dude from Savage Garden, George Micahel, Bass - most of these people had their careers at a near-end when they came out.

But the gay community is like an accepting aunt or uncle for these outed celebrities. These celebrities get big, strike it rich, have fame. And then, after a few failed movies or albums, they knock on the accepting aunt or uncle's door in the middle of the rainy night. "I know I haven't called, but I'm broke, the big city kicked my ass and spit me out and I have no where else to go." And for the most part, the accepting aunt or uncle pats the person on the back and gives them their guest bedroom for a place to stay until they get on their feet again. You look at most lineups for big city Pride festivals and you will see headliners who maybe scored a hit or two in the late '80s or early '90s.

Some folks, like Rufus Wainwright and Ian McClellan haven't lost their starpower because of their sexuality. But recently, it seems like coming out of the closet is just another motion in the celebrity dance. Big movie or album, fame, tabloids, a few flops, a stint on a reality show, Betty Ford, coming out, the inevitable career turnaround, rinse and repeat (but on second cycle, substitute 'finding God' for 'coming out'). Basically, it seems that coming out is something celebrities do when their careers are at a standstill (Ellen Degeneres being a notable exception).
For all of the Tom Cruise speculation about his sexuality, I totally expect Cruise to come out, but only after a six-year string of box office flops. And even then, I wouldn't be totally convinced the dude's gay.


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