Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I'm working two jobs right now. Both in the environments close to Douglas Coupland's new book, JPod. One of my friends is worried that my desire to slug out this 60-hour-week schedule will result in lost friends, bad skin (due to poor eating) and general irritability with the fact that I'm not writing on a consistent basis.

It's a valid point. Two desk jobs, both of them plagued with vending machines and long meetings. I've gained ten pounds (up to 178) in two months. True, a few weeks, I was fairly inactive due to some surgery on my foot. But gone is the gym membership. That said, I've never been a fan of gyms. They are a great asset for people who want to get in shape, but I prefer to get in shape with long hikes, longer bike rides and yoga classes. I get paid once a month for the second job. The first paycheck went to the dog (who has been surrendered, but is currently living with a great family), the second paycheck went to taxes (since they don't take cash out since I'm contracting). The third will go to whatever isn't covered by my insurance for the surgery. I would really, really like the next few months to go to saving up for moving out of Omaha next year. But at what cost?

Brighter, but equally frustrating topic.
When, when, when is the new friggin' TV On the Radio album coming out? Each time I head to Homer's, the release date has been pushed back. It's already out in the UK and has garnered some great reviews.

TV On The Radio: Street Account

TV on the Radio

Sort of reminded me when Soundgarden came out with Badmotorfinger (ok, reallllly showing my age here). After getting totally hooked with Louder Than Love, I eagerly went into the record store each Tuesday as the record store clerk said 'August 1' - only later to hear 'oh, they pushed it back to August 21.' I think the clerk was a closet sadist.

In other music news, if you're a Sufjan Stevens doubter, the usually-conservative AllMusicGuide shows some stones by giving a high-profile dis of the beloved indie artist. After seeing Sufjan Stevens play at Sokol, while still liking most of his stuff, I left perplexed - wondering how much of his stuff was genuinely sincere and how much of his stuff was utter bullshit.


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