Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Random shots - and the return of 'Preemptive Strikes'

I get my stitches out tomorrow. Not looking forward to that since the nurse said the procedure was something 'she couldn't handle.'

With that - whole lot of randomness in this blog - starting with...

Weimaraner SOS
Heartland Weimaraner rescue recently came in contact with two Weimaraners - both were found under a bridge and both sustained broken legs from a hit and run. The Missouri chapter took these dogs under their care and are now looking for donations to pay for surgery for these 12-week-old puppies. Click the following like to read the full story:

Any donations would be appreciated.

Lazy Summer
With an injured toe that needs to be elevated, I've been a slug recently. And without cable, but a membership to Blockbuster online (chose Blockbuster over NetFlix to take advantage of the two free game rentals a month bonus), there's plenty of stuff to keep my ass on the couch (which is something I'm afraid of). I just started watching the great miniseries The Corner and have a serious jones to rent episodes of Deadwood and the Wire, since I haven't seen either series. Still, I would much rather be biking or running, but while the foot heals, at least these series won't rot your brain, unlike such series as According to Jim or any of the new shows on MTV. Still, you need a little cheese in your diet. Which brings me to...

Hell's Kitchen
It's not a classic trash piece like Paradise Hotel, but for a guilty pleasure, it'll do. Only problem with the contestants is that it looks like only two chefs - tops - are qualified enough to run a restaurant, yet alone a multi-million dollar restaurant. My hope is that Heather wins. I am not in the culinary world, but I know enough people who are. The fact that one contestant was bemoaning that Heather was "barking orders" and whined "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" has absolutely no f**king place in a kitchen.

Finally - it's been awhile since I've done this, but this has popped up a few times the past few weeks...

Preemptive strike
The phrase "Oh my god, I said the funniest thing to ..." or "I said the funniest thing."
First off, you're setting yourself up for failure. If you hear this phrase, you're going to be on the defensive, and nine times out of ten, whatever this person said isn't going to be funny. It may be the writer in me, but for some reason, I can see it when people say "I cooked the best risotto," "I had the best workout last night" or "I made the best martini last night." I don't bat an eye. But when people drop the "I said the funniest thing," bomb, I almost want to put these people on trial in front of a dozen peers and have them decide whether or not what they are about to say IS the funniest thing they have ever heard. Good humor, like good food, doesn't need a lead-in. This social abnormality ranks right up there with people who end each of their sentences with 'LOL.'


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