Monday, June 05, 2006

Protection of Marriage Amendment

It's funny how some amendments are named in a way that it would appear no rational person would vote against it. Anti-terrorism amendment (Uh...I don't like terrorism so, sure), Medicare reform (suppose it could use some reformin'), anti puppy-killing amendment (absolutely). And protection of marriage. Most experts say this amendment is doomed. Still, it's an election year, and what better way to shore up the conservative vote by publicly stating "them gays shouldn't be allowed to marry."

Protection? What about the millions of straights who are ruining marriage with divorce and spousal abuse?

Anyway - just because it appears that the amendment is DOA, don't be lulled into complacency. Focus on the Family and a ton of other religious groups are rallying listeners to flood your senator's phone lines in favor of this amendment. I think it's every rational person's duty who is against this amendment to follow in suit and call senators who are opposing this ban and voice their support of their senator's actions. Opposing this ban means a mark has been made on the senator's record. That takes some serious balls (or tits, depending on your senator). Social conservatives will have this public record to use against them in the reelection. They are taking a risk by voting against this amendment. We should at least acknowledge their efforts and voice our support. Most businesses or offices make some sort of response to complaint calls (especially massive complaint calls). You can bet your senator is getting floods of intimidating calls for this amendment. It's our responsibility to at least counter these calls with our support.

(and if your senator is voting FOR this amendment, just change some of the language of this blog to fit that argument.)

Here's a list of congressional numbers -


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