Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flying solo

I'm going to a wedding for a woman I almost asked to marry about a decade ago this Saturday. It's starting to sink in. I thought she was my soul-mate. She was one of the only women I was physically attracted to - and we bonded over Bjork and Jim Behm. She's over her partying phase - so am I. But I'm going to this wedding solo. Should be an interesting time...

Other topics -

Went downtown last night to check out the lighting of the Woodman tower in honor of the victims of September 11. It was a great scene. It was foggy and misty out and there were some kids hanging out and taking snapshots. It was nice...until the radio station who helped set up the even began playing shit like Toby Keith and "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?" I think one of the reasons we're in the situation that we are in is that so many people "don't know the difference between Iraq and Iran." The scene was beautiful though and made you crave a moment of silence as you looked up at the tower and just imagined another tower stacked right on top of that one - and that was one of the World Trade Centers. Sometimes a moment like this didn't need music. Wish those a-holes from the radio station would have realized that...


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