Friday, September 08, 2006

Almost friends, but friends nontheless

So, an earlier post, I commented on having a friend who I would consider a partial friend. One who challenges you intellectually, one you can laugh with, one who you're friendlier than a co-worker with - but for some reason, you know you can't count on that person to be a true friend. You can't could on that person to actively want to go for a beer after work, or go to a concert with or more important matters, such as helping you move or confiding in. Still, I've come to the conclusion that in your life, you do need these people. These people may not mean to intentionally harm your psyche by blurring the lines between friend and associate periodically, but they do serve a purpose in your life. Be it introducing you to new music, being a good person to email and vent about work. It's just that you're responsible for keeping yourself from getting burnt by expecting anything that you would expect from true friends. So, with that, I reopen my lines of communication with this almostfriend because in times of crap jobs, singlehood and career apathy, you need all the friends (true and almost) that you can get.

Positive note - United 93 out on DVD this week - essential purchase AND...
TV on the Radio's US-approved release Return to Cookie Mountain and the new Yo La Tengo album out Sept. 12!

Friday random shuffle mix:
"Suffer" - Smashing Pumpkins ****
"Out on the Tiles" - Led Zep ****
"Ocean (live)" - The Velvet Underground ***
"Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)" - Led Zep ***** (chauvinism rocks)
"All it Really Want to do(live)" - Bob Dylan ****
"Yesterday's News" - Whiskeytown ****
"Muzzle of Bees (live)" - Wilco ***
"The Pope" - Bill Hicks ****
"She Rote" - Charlie Parker *****
"Oddfellows Local 151" - R.E.M. *** (I burned 15 CDs to Whitey in the past 5 days - not one yet on shuffle. My iPod's a slave to routine)
"Big Daddy" - Talking Heads ***
"B.O.B." - Outkast *****
"Tracy I Love You" - Luna ****
"The Mirror Consipracy" - Thievery Corporation ****
"The Book" - Sheryl Crow ***
"Strange Eyes" - The Magnetic Fields ****
"Mr. Ameche Plays the Stranger" - Yo La Tengo ****
"Phonograph Blues (Alternative Take)" - Robert Johnson ****
"Sweet Potato" - Cracker ****


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