Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mr. Self Destructive

Went to my friend's wedding this weekend. And even though I've been especially nice in letting people merge into traffic without signaling, even though I donated blood this week and even though I helped a friend move without question, karma did not reward me. I had to change for the wedding and my friend said I could take his car to the wedding since mine was full of his stuff from moving a load that I didn't have time to unload. The wedding venue was only five miles away, but no - I had to take the iPod adapter and the iPod so I could play one or two songs that would crystalize the event into memory (Mark Sandman's "Patience" for the curious).

And sometime between the wedding and the time I came back to my friend's place, the iPod was ripped off. The day was a blur, so I didn't remember if I reflexively placed the iPod in my slack pocket and it fell out at the reception and hopefully someone has given it to the newlyweds or if I accidentally left the car unlocked while I went into A Novel Idea bookstore for five friggin' minutes and someone went in and swipped the iPod from the glove compartment. If it's the latter, then yes, I was stupid and deserved to have it ripped off - even though the car I was driving wasn't mine and as a consequence, I should have checked the door even though I thought I locked it.


Yes, this is a lesson. Learn it.

But it may be a lesson to me. I've been stupidly buying way too much in terms of music. Bob Dylan, Yo La Tengo, TV on the Radio, great used buys from The Talking Heads and Guided by Voices. And when you put them on the iPod, you have the tendency just to hit shuffle and not give these works time to sink in. If I find it, I have suffered and learned my lesson quite well. But Jesus, what an expensive lesson.

Watching the live DVD "Demon Days" from Gorillaz. It's one of those concerts that looking at now, I would have gladly sacrificed a yearly vacation to grab a ticket to see.


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