Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Solitary mix

My best friend who has been in New York the past six months has come back to Omaha for a quick visit. We were roommates for about a year before he moved to New York earlier this year. Though there were no blow-ups, shouting matches or stolen CD collections, I knew when he left that both of us reached the saturation point for each other.

So, he's back, and he has yet to call. I'm being stubborn and not calling him due to the fact that I emailed a few times over the summer and sent him a few CDs that he should probably have in his collection. It seems that everything, be it friendships or intimate relationships, have a bit of a power imbalance: one person inevitably needs another person more than that person needs them (sorry for the awkward phrasing).

So, I'm waiting for the call. In the mean time, my soundtrack is consisting of...
Liz Phair - Exiled in Guyville
Portishead - s/t
Lucinda Williams - Essence


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