Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Report

I do have to admit that I'm happy to see Obama sweep states where non-Midwesterners feel are some of the most hickish states in the union.

I watched Real Time With Bill Maher and there was a ton of great stuff in last week's episode. Such as...
- Ever notice that ever since Bush was reelected, those terror alerts have dropped down considerably?
- There's a huge need for the rush to feel that Roger Clemens is guilty. Most notably, it bookends a sports scandal. Our generation's greatest hitter vs. our generation's greatest pitcher. One's black, one's white.
- Also, I may be looking too much into this, but doesn't O'Rourke look like he's had a few before coming to the forum?
- The brewhaha over human growth hormone. Everyone does it - in the form of eating genetically modified products.

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