Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally, A Fundamentalist That's Fun

First off, since this site is partially Transformered-themed (due to email addy), I suppose I need to drop a Transformers reference. Just going to say that if I hear "And the Oscar goes to Transformers, " I'm sure that there will be a rip in the universe's fiber because I just can't see that phrase being uttered in reality. But we'll see.

Other topics - I saw this on the Web this weekend and had to post it. First off, there's no way I can vote for a guy who doesn't believe in evolution, but damned if Mike Huckabee isn't a hilarious cat when he has to be. Unlike other fundamentalists out there (read James Dobson, Pat Robertson), Huckabee actually has a true Christian humbleness about him that actually enables him to have a 'humor' trait due to his ability to not take himself too seriously. I will miss this guy when the race is finally over. Plus, as a dude who himself lost 60 pounds due to running and diet, I have a soft spot for a dude who dropped 100 pounds by sheer will.

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